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Saving me

I stood beside the road that day In disbelief you passed my way Not recognized behind the red Pooling beneath your thorn crowned head Their mercy lost upon you great Striking you down in heavy hate  You slowed, you stopped, you looked around That's when my heart did hear the sound It rumbled deep within my soul And overtook my spirit whole That moment when you saw me there I felt the sin I could not bear A stifled scream I could not cry Not fair that you would surely die There on the hill the cross now stood Your hands, your feet now one with wood And drawing strength within your breath You took upon my rightful death My face now buried in the ground Feeling so lost and wanting found The innocence of life now laid The price of sin my Savior paid A love so full, so great must be Amazing grace His gift to me

Laying in clover

The new and tender grass gives way Below the weighted form And there inside the clover green A flower newly born I held it softly in between My heart and finger fair My eyes breathed deep its flavors sweet Playing its ivory there

Delivering miracles

I had worked Monday night then spent the unusually warm Tuesday evening sitting outside in the sun.  Isaiah (6), Thia (4), and Ella (2) drew pictures on my legs with washable markers as I snoozed in the happy March sun, anticipating what the rest of the week would look like.
It was Wednesday morning, 6 a.m. when I managed to heave my well rested body out of bed.  My shirt was stretched tight over my swollen belly.  This was our last day as a family of five, and I wanted to get a jump on the last minute cleaning before I went into surgery the following day.

As I picked up stray clothes and toys I began to feel twinges of pain, subtle but growing.  Tim hadn't left for work yet, and I casually informed him that I was having contractions.  This was baby number four, which would normally make me an expert in identifying signs of the labor process, but that was not what life had given me despite all of my wishing.
My previous birthing experiences added up to a breech diagnosis (than…


Ripples in the water lay Who it will touch? I cannot say Starting small now moving out Who am I that I should doubt? The God above who breathed the sea Could He not use one such as me? For not from self does greatness flow I only share what I now know Reaching down to touch the still The ripple moves of God's good will

In the little things

We were ready.  Our four children were with family for the weekend, work was set aside, the house was clean.  There was nothing that could stop us from heading two hours south to Louisville to attend a youth leader's convention.  Well, actually, there was a lot that could stop us, but the obvious things were taken care of.  We had plans for an uninterrupted dinner together before the opening ceremonies, and I had been thinking all day about going to one of my favorite places, Panera.
Throughout the day, we'd been listening to the forecast of bad weather, but most of what was predicted hadn't happened.  We figured the meteorologists had gotten it wrong again as we headed down into northern Kentucky.  Shortly into our drive, it began to rain.  I pulled out my unnecessary, fancy phone and began to watch a live stream of the news.  Tornadoes, 3 inch hail, damaging winds up to 60 miles per hour were all headed straight for us.  The more I listened, the harder it rained and th…

My gift

It came wrapped well in pretty paper I held it to my ear The happy drum moved up in beat Life's purpose pounding near I slowly peeled the layers back Into the top I gazed The gifted treasure I removed  It left me now amazed Delicate fingers stroked the view For with it I am one A vision of His will for me
 I could compare to none The honest words from Him poured out And filled my thirsting soul Smoothing over parched remains And leaving me now full