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Seeing a beautiful life

It was last year that I posted my list of thanks each day in November, and I had no shortage of things to say.  When you really focus, you see that there is greatness all around you.

I am daily reminded of the goodness of God.  I see it on the faces of my children, and not just in the smiles but in the temper tantrums and ugly attitudes.  I feel it in the warmth of my home.  My home that hasn't been dusted in weeks and displays the art of fingerprints on the walls.  I touch it in the embrace of my husband who stands imperfectly by my side.
It overwhelms me when I see the beauty of this life.  It is painful and difficult, but also it is lovely.  I'm learning that a life does not have to be perfect to be blessed.  All that I have and all that I do not have are gifts.  My hands are open to receive what he has given, and also to what he has taken away.  The good and the bad have been given to God, and he is the one who can change my perspective.

He makes beauty out of ashes.  He t…

A new season, a new day

Time surrounds me.  It is all of this blank space begging to be filled.

I should do something.  I should go somewhere.  I should enjoy every single moment so I do not waste these opportunities that have been so rare.  I don't.

I haven't adjusted yet.

I've dreamed of freedom.  I've wished moments away that felt too difficult to endure.  There were nights of exhaustion that required me to get out of my bed and check on a crying babe in the crib.  Nights that a little hand would touch my face to stir me from sleep to tell me that they were afraid.   I would open up my covers as those pajama covered feet heaved themselves up and into the crook of my arm.  That steady breathing came in the comfort of safety while the numbness and tingling moved its way to my fingers with the lack of circulation.  I thought this season would never end.

But it has.

I tried to savor the best of moments.  I somehow knew even while I lived it, even in the struggle that I was holding happiness.…

I wish that i was brave

"No one has greater love than the one who gives his life for his friends." John 15:13

I wish that I was brave.  It's a noble trait we assign to those in uniform, admirable.  I suppose it's not something that you can be sure you possess until you are tested.  It seems to be more of a decision.  I have a sister who is brave, and I'm a part of her story.

It was a warm summer night.  It was 1980 something; a time when kids left the house early in the day and came home just before dark or occasionally just after if we were all in the cul-de-sac playing kick the can.  There was no worry on the parents behalf that they wouldn't be safe, at least not in my home.

We were one of four houses on the dead end street.  It was a place of great memories for me that included kick ball games, bike riding, tree climbing and fort building in the nearby woods.  It was a quiet neighborhood.  She must have been 9 that summer, and I trailed behind by a short 17 months.

We had spent …