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It's been awhile since I've felt this way, all messed up inside.

A few hours of sleep stolen doesn't seem quite enough to steady the patience I need.  What we all need is love poured out in words and actions, because love is patient and love is kind.  All I am offering today is edgy tolerance.

But words from a smart mouthed boy pushes the balance of emotions too far and I'm am spilled out all over the floor.  There it lays, an ugly mess of words that don't speak love into a soul that needs to hear that what I have for him is unconditional.

What I have given is an order to take it all to his room.  Out of sight, out of mind, out of the range of me, imperfect me who can't stop the mouth from spewing out the sickness of a weary heart.

I settle into mindless scrolling and try to forget the give and take of pain.  Cries of the wounded reach me, and I shake regret from shoulders.  I'm forgetting again all about the blessing of grace received.  This God favor pour…


Do you do it too?  Do you drop what you are doing to chase those amazing arcs stretched wide across sky?  Do you try to capture their vivid beauty through a lens or gather your children to witness the miracle?  I never tire of being part of the audience.  I could clap again and again for one more encore.

All six of us are in the van riding through a light drizzle.  Behind us falls the sun, before us looms grey clouds.  He sees it first, right out the left side of the driver's seat.  The muted hues of a rainbow calling all to see.

We stretch in our seats to get a better view.  Straining necks and excited eyes move all around to hold the beauty.  We soon come into the rain, and the colors disappear.  We travel further on to  our destination, and just before arriving the rain moves away.  Again, the sun breaks free and there in the sky is another rainbow.  This time its colors are vivid and bright.  It aches of wonder and mystery, and we can hardly wait to get outside to hold it.

I w…

When you need to be rescued

I rush around the mess of life in my warm kitchen, squinting down at those asking faces who want just a little more of me.  The bright October sun reaches in through the window and lays its beams across the paper jammed counter.

I'm feeling it today, that slowly building pressure of things piling up on top of each other.  I know how it ends.  I've done this once before and then I've done it all over again.   One begins to see the pattern of a building stacked upon a solitary foundation and knows how it was never meant to stand.

I am not enough.

They rush here, there, and all around spreading crumbs and milk over clean floors and counters.  A heavy sigh escapes, and I swallow it all down.  It swims right there in the pit of my stomach, those questions of how I will ever get caught up on life.

I stand at the sink, drowning.

The book is laying on my disheveled desk, and I remember words that reached out to me like those crazy sun rays moving through my window and lighting all…

Come to us

Move in us almighty God
Come, we wait on you
With arms held high, expecting One
Who sings our song anew

Crying out that you would fill us
Gentle God fall all around
Feel our breath exhaled in praising
May our yearning hearts be found

Sing my God, now sing your mercy!
Heaven words please fill our souls
Amaze these weak and hurting bodies
Come sweet grace and make us whole