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In this season

The seasons have changed once again.

The trees are displaying their breathtaking glory, crying out in their red, orange, and yellow voices.  The leaves will honor the place they have grown until they can hold onto their home no longer.  The Lord gives, and he takes away.  In time they will fall to the ground before the wind whisks them into some unknown place.  The tree remains.  Empty, naked.  It's twisted branches exposed to the elements for a season.  With patience and endurance it will be beautiful again.

I pretend autumn has come to Nicaragua.  Each day the temperature climbs into the 90's, but I sit down to a cup of spiced coffee in the mornings.  The candle I burn reminds me of my other home, and that marvelous can of pumpkin puree that my mother spent too much money to send me was baked into a bread yesterday.  My children enjoyed it until only the crumbs remained.  We remember where we came from, and we savor the memory.

My season has changed too.  I feel so much lik…