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Beautiful death

Just a shadow of your temple here Time a witness as you disappear Lying still beneath the whiteness now Dreaming rest is seeking you somehow Go and meet your beautiful death
Rugged road so long, almost behind Strength of body gone though not of mind Seeing those who here have loved you well Sweetly bitter goodbyes lips shall tell Before you meet your beautiful death
Where is Lovely's place in all of this? Death move softly, gently as a kiss Invited by the one brave all along Peaceful as we sing your final song While you meet your beautiful death
Hold your hand - eyes closed in dreamless sleep Left me here - over you I will weep Heart of joy for what awaits you now Selfish sorrow I cannot allow For you've met your beautiful death

Language of love

A few years ago, I read a book called The FiveLove Languages.  The book discusses the five different ways in which people experience and express love. (quality time, touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts)

Just this week I revisited the subject as I was listening to a broadcast on Focus on the Family with the author, Gary Chapman, as guest speaker.  He was discussing how to love your children by speaking their love language.  Immediately, my thoughts went to my four little ones as I tried to imagine what ways would make them feel best loved.  My mind soon wandered to my own childhood. 
Words.  They are awake and alive with meaning.  They have been constructed to lift my spirits and they have been formed to crush my soul.  I love them.  I hate them.  I feel them over and over again.  I memorize them.  I use them to entertain rich, delicious thoughts.  I own a mind that is always analyzing what they mean.  I hold the ones I want to treasure and I carry the ones I'd like…

Bird unaware

I saw you
from the slitting of my eye
You think yourself so clever
But. . .
I was not sleeping!
I watched you
Hopping silent through the grass
Taking flight before my watch
That. . .
was when I followed!
Our eyes see
the great earth falling far
Feeling free and weightless now
Thinking. . .
I am lovely!


Little one now hides in fear
Hoping no one will find him here
With heavy footsteps falling near
Where is God's providence?

Captive to all your body craves
A life spent crashing on the waves
Belief that rest meets in the grave
Where is God's providence?

The empty womb no seed can sow
The ache inside no one can know
The eyes that blur from tears that flow
Where is God's providence?

The loss of love a lifetime sought
The bargaining is all for naught
Until the end that fight you fought
Where is God's providence?

I know not why this cross I bear
No measuring could make it fair
Down on my face to find a prayer
Rest in God's providence.

Right here inside my love

Gazing at your sleeping face Holding you in truth's embrace There could be no better place Than here inside your love
Hero dreams I wish for you For lovely days to meet you new And know how much I cherish you  Right here inside my love
Hand rests upon your quiet form Remembering when you were born My heart has never beat so warm Right here close to my love
For time to slow this moment here Know I won't always have you near There is no place to hide my tear Right here inside our love


Walking there along the road Not knowing now which way to go Lost myself along the way Can't find the words to even pray Standing there in silence still Though inside screams begin to fill Moving through the depths of me As violent waves roll on the sea Here I am alone, away Not a word I own to say Falling to the ground below Waiting for the One I know No strength could set my heart to beat This life of mine has met defeat See my truth and know my need I'm crying out this silent plea

Crumpled pages

Crumpled pages on the floor
Held inside they are no more
Flowing through my sturdy hand
My attention they demand
Wrinkled words lay all around
Out where they can now be found
Not a secret holding near
Open to the eye they fear
Another page is tossed aside
No hiding things I cannot hide
Carelessly tossed to the floor
Then going back and writing more
Saw you take a crumpled page
One scribbled with an inner rage
Smoothing out and taking on
The bitter words that now are gone
Collecting pages as they lay
Reading all they have to say
Glistened tears begin to fall
After you have seen them all
I wonder why you cry for me
You smile and say, "Can you not see?
Goodness from my hand does flow
The kind I want for you to know."
Crisp, white page I now face
Hand over hand with strokes of grace
A story you create for me
On my own it could not be


She held the coveted position of first-born, but unfortunately for her she eventually had to share the stage with three siblings.  I was the last; making my appearance nearly ten years later, and surprising everyone by being a girl.  She shouldered the great responsibility of babysitting my other sister (remember Nancy, the brave one?) and me.  We called her Nina.
Lynda Lee, as beautiful as a summer day with her green eyes reminiscent of rich grassy moss blanketing stones beneath a lazy creek.  Her smile as bright and honest as the warm afternoon sun.  She can't deny the gift given her, but would rather fade all of that into the periphery and be seen for what she boasts on the inside.  Equally as eye catching, she holds the traits of those most noble among us, and she is my hero.

I remember spending some of my favorite days with her as a child.  She was in high school when my memories were birthed, and they found me following her around, mimicking her moves.  She worked at a candy…

Happy God

God smiled at me
I saw it through the clouds
Catching fire in the glow
It brightened on my face
It was him I know
He smiled with me

God laughed today
I heard it in the wind
That chilled my open face
It whistled past my ear
And set my heart to race
He laughed with me

What you see of me

Looking at the mirror as it's looking back at me
Seeing all the things I hate to see God, I know you love me and will take me as I am Transform my parts and do not let me be Destructive thoughts I carry deep within my hollow soul They splinter the foundation of my good I need to see reflections that you visualize for me If I had your eyes I know I would Man views me on the surface that of which I am resigned It's the inside that I yearn to be remade The jagged damaged pieces settled fast inside my mind They wait upon your hands to be re-laid