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The blubbering Hall of Presidents

Well, I wasn't exactly blubbering.  It was more of a faint trickle down the outside corner of my eye.  The left eye to be exact, and I only remember because my curious daughter was sitting there when she caught sight of the tear that I was trying to hide.  It was moments later that she loudly questioned, "Are you crying?"  It was too dark in the theater for me to see her eyes roll, and I was glad because that also meant that no one could see the blush on my cheeks.  I happily ignored her by pretending I was enthralled with the animatronics show.

It was a fair question, I think.  After all, how many people actually get emotionally involved with The Hall of Presidents in Disney World?  If you've never been there, I'll tell you that it is not something most people (just me?) cry over.  It goes through the history of the United States and highlights the most notable leaders of our country.  I was doing well until they came to Abraham Lincoln.

Larger than life picture…

When all the world chatters

It was nearly midnight, but there is something about summer that allows me to ignore the fact that I like to be asleep before ten.  So I nestled myself into the coziness of my bed, and scrolled through the information highway.  I somehow came upon a blog that was written by a missionary from the same city that I am moving to next summer.  My interest was wide awake, and I clicked on post after post to get a view of what my life might look like there.

Some of the posts were centered on the beauty of the mission, some on the struggles of life that go along with living in a country other than your own.  As I continued to read, I saw less of wonder and felt more of fear.  This is not a feeling anyone welcomes, especially with a mind that is already processing so many other strong emotions.  I was desperate to talk it over with Tim, but he had already met his dreams and I didn't have the heart to pull him into my nightmare.

Instead, I turned to Pinterest because, you know, pretty thing…