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I've thought a lot about this day.  It has run through my mind on repeat, the words I would say.  Always they came to me in the quiet moments touching those deep places that only God has seen and understood.  And I have prayed all along the way that I might help you to see my heart, that I might hold your hand and lead you to the view that fills my soul.

For many years now, I have felt that God was preparing both Tim and I for something different.  I didn't know what it was, but there lived in me an unwavering knowledge that our lives would not look as they do now.  If you had asked me seven years ago what that would be, I would have guessed that Tim would be called into full time ministry as a pastor.  You would have thought that I was right when he was ordained in our church in September of 2012.  But the door did not open for us to pursue that path.  Truly God had his hands on us, encouraging our hearts and speaking truth into our spirits that we were not forgotten, and he …