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Here am I. Use me.

I am in the sky, higher than the birds now.  There is a wide horizon to my left with a brand new sun casting light across the blanket of clouds below.

I've been staring at them for awhile now.  They remind me of cresting ocean waves in the moments before they crash into shore.  They curl up and over one another stuck mid motion in their great silence.  It is vast here.  The blue ombre sky leaves no clue to its ending, and I am feeling small.

The good and bad of the earth continues below, but I can't touch it now.  Soon I will cease this soaring, and I will set feet on firm ground.  I will kick up the dust of foreign soil and claim witness to the good and bad of what the world has turned itself into.

Once leveled on the ground, I move to make a difference in a great big world.  I am nothing special, but I know enough of God to realize that he increases the power of the unqualified if we only invite him into our lives.  His strength is seen more fully in our weaknesses that he m…

I'm famous! (and so are you)


I glance down to see Ella lost in a sea of miniature dolls scattered all around her.

 "Mommy!  Look at my Polly Pocket, she's famous!"  The adoration lifts her voice, and I ponder words.

"Why?"  I ask as I look down at the figure crowned with perfect blonde hair and eyes painted lavender.  A sparkle is placed just off center.  "What has made her famous?"

"Look at her Mommy.  She's pretty."  Ella smiles that toothless smile right at the object in her hand with her own blonde hair hanging loose over her sweet face.

Words catch in my throat.  I'm surprised that it has happened already.  That she has gone the way of the world in handing out the yes and no of who has what it takes to be famous.   I had hoped that I could help her see the root of what makes us all beautiful.

I know so well how one must unlearn what is being taught in this culture.  That perfect is normal, and the way we must get there is through the was…

The upward linger of prayers

I walk into her room, the one with blue hues covering the walls and random pink flowers scattered throughout.  She's laying on the floor with a mess of tears streaking her softly freckled cheeks.  I sit down next to her with my back against the bed made up with the pastel checkered quilt.  Her stuffed animals are all lined carefully across the bed in their assigned places, witnesses to the scene.  She crawls closer with an exaggerated effort and lays her head on my lap.

It is already dark outside and too late for a little girl to be wide awake, but this has been her routine for as long as she can remember.  Most nights I come into her room to pray a blessing over her, a habit I developed when my kids were still in diapers.  She reminds when I "forget" that I haven't said prayers.  We take turns reciting Numbers 6:24-26.  She is the only one, so far, who returns the favor.

Tonight she is upset over a hard day of 8 year old complications.

I smooth a strand of blond hai…

The path we must follow

We walk right up to the thick metal gate, push back the latch and enter another world.  The grass is short and lush, a velvety carpet that invites you to walk barefoot below the trees.  Only small rays of the gently fading sun are allowed to peak in through the gathering of branches above casting strange shadows across our faces.  We are wrapped in the quiet comfort of a foliage cocoon.  It is peaceful here, if one is not unsettled by the surroundings of death.

There are no rules, but the quietness of the place hushes us to whispers.  It is as though we are walking on a sacred ground that we don't belong to or own.  We are alive after all, making us foreigners to the setting; strangers to the silent stones that had been set in their place too many years ago.  They are sunk down in the earth with their tragic cracks and coverings of bright green moss.  The names of those who laid silently below are carefully etched in ancient script.  We read them all.

And here among the past I set…