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Dangerous Prayers

I feel it stirring within me. This troubling thing that haunts my thoughts and keeps me awake at night. A weight of darkness and sadness that invades me. It makes my insides squirm with discomfort. You should know that I am thankful for it. The reminder that not all is well in this world keeps me praying, keeps me in the place of knowing that I am incapable to change anything on my own.
The reality of my impotence solidifies each day. Every challenge, every mistake, every horrible thing I see and say and hear and think reminds me of the depravity of humanity. We are all lost in the dark without the light saving grace of Jesus Christ.
I am desperate for the love of Christ to change me. I am desperate for it to change you too. It burdens me. It burns in me. This has brought me to the point of praying with a heart of surrender. This has brought me to the place of uttering dangerous prayers.
Dangerous are the prayers that plead for God’s will to be done in my life and the liv…

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