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Trust and Obey

I am 34,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean, and drifting somewhere between two homes.  There are clouds below me and volcanos, but I cannot see them in my unfortunate seat assignment.  Tim and I are heading back to Cincinnati from a week long trip to Nicaragua, but it doesn't really feel like we are going home.

The night before found us in the living room of Tim and Chris Bagwell.  Tim stood behind us, Chris before us, and three of their precious girls flanked our sides.  They placed their hands on us, and touched our hearts as each member from youngest to wisest reached heaven with their words.  They prayed for the present and the future.

I sat there thinking that our family just got a little bit bigger.

I am in the middle seat of the plane, and there is snoozing on either side of me.  I settle into my own place of comfort and wait for the music to begin playing through my headphones.  The old hymn of crosses and surrender echoes on as I close my eyes to shut out the world and fin…

The begrudging will of God

I was just a girl, but I remember now with amusement the thoughts that kept me awake at night.  I was never one to ask my parents incessant questions, but I did ask a few that I just couldn't seem to satisfy on my own.

I would spend sunny afternoons dreaming of my future and my wedding.  It was the dress that I considered mostly, and then the husband.  I would wonder if I already knew him, and if not, what he might look like.  Would he have strong hands like my dad?  Would we live in a brick house?  Would we have kids?  Of course we would.  At least four, maybe five.  Six?

These questions would rotate in my mind, and when I just couldn't hold them close enough I would offer them to my parents.  "Do you think someone will marry me?  What do you think he looks like?  Will he smell good?"

I imagine my parents were thinking the same thing I do when my kids ask questions that just can't be answered.  They would generalize something that would satisfy me, and not give …