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Poetry created

If such beauty was so simple There would be no want to bleed Brought by feeling all so wretched Words poured out in aching need Love in prose the mind is wanting  Bear euphoria's healing kiss Formed by flaming heart creating Poetry my soul's own bliss

Lessons I wouldn't teach again

The days pass quickly and looking back I see how they fell away unoticed.  Dropping off, one by one until they were completely gone.  They disappeared, really, in the smile of the sun, and left me here questioning the length of summer.  I wonder how much of my life moves on without a second thought.

Three weeks it was since we last visited our favored spot with its blue waving pools and twisting water slides.  I had prepared the day before with my careful calculating in the long aisles of the grocery.  A treat decided upon by the chance spotting of sale priced prepackaged lunches. 

The evening before finds me packing the new lunch cooler I had purchased for our fun in the sun. 

We arrive with the promise of a hot day as stale air blows slight to hide the secret of the burning.  We squint hard, walking far over hot pavement that steams silent through the sandals.  I hold the heavy cooler on my shoulder while my son, nearly ten, holds the larger bag of towels.

We hand our passes to th…

Fighting on our knees

It deafens the war of chaos in the mind As one suffers silent. Few can hear when a bleeding soul cries with eyes that follow near spilling out the ache of wanting what is certain Why does the mind rage wild knowing all along the truth? And don't we just wish the deciding of right would take it all away? Capture fear and take it all away? But One knows how we grow mighty in the field of battle. In the war of men we stand not tall with bending as we fight for peace  on our knees


It's morning and the home is quiet all around, but my ears, they hear the rush of what's coming.  A mind has already busied itself with the chores of the day in a list numbering one to forever.  The laundry is crying in the next room over to be washed and dried and folded.  From the kitchen the dishes call out in their silvery voices to be scrubbed down to a shine, and are yearning outright to be placed back in their cabinet homes.  I breathe out the cleansing breath of sleep, and stretch long beneath the coverings.

He comes to me then as he does often and always in my thinking.  It's his whispering I really want to hear, but the noise of the others dim his voice.  Still, he is patient in his call.Come to Me, you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  He remembers to remind.
It is then that I must choose a voice to follow.
I move the body out and down the stairs to an expectant kitchen.  The coffee drips out slow and steady with its vaporous steam filling …

When coffee makes you smile

As blessings shower down we can choose to hide under umbrellasor dance wild in the rain.

Knees bend to look down further.  My hand reaches behind more carefully shelved boxes of steaming java printed smartly on their front.  The crisp white mugs are married with butter heavy french toast and crunchy biscotti with their toasted almonds slivered through.  I fall empty in the search for the clearanced brew. I continue to stare at the delicious full priced rows of popular flavors.  Not even my 20% off coupon would put a dent in the black and white price, and I sigh heavy disappointment.

His birthday is tomorrow and I want to gift him the large variety pack.  His coffee maker has been resting quiet on the counter for weeks now.

I pick up the package and crunch numbers all again, knowing well that I would choose to leave with store bags vacant.  The child voices in the seats behind ask again why we are empty handed, and they are learning too.

In recent planning, we joined united to set dif…