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The lives we lead

I was a child still when my oldest sister began to bring her friends to our home.  She went to a school that boarded both high school and college students who wanted to attend there but lived too great a distance to commute.  My parents would welcome them with open arms, feed them, and share their roof.

Sundays were always the busiest and most delightful times for me.  My mom would whip up a feast with little effort, and the lot of us would squeeze around the table and share life.  Many of the students that found their way into our home began to call my parents Mom and Dad, and in my young mind the idea was planted that families don't have to look like one another.

I've been considering the effect my own choices have on the lives of my children.  What truths do I want furrowed deep into their tender hearts?  What fruit would I hope for them to grow?

I've grown restless in my life.  There is a fire burning deep within me, consuming my thoughts.  It ignited somewhere along t…