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Ordinary miracles

There was one sun hiding just beyond the horizon until time came to beckon the revelation of its borders.  It hung in the sky as an ordinary ornament and we all went about our days taking light for granted.  And did anyone stop to think of the miracle of this strange orb hanging purposed in the sky?

So it was with this day in its plainness.  I breathed of boring air, and I took presuming beats of heart because that's what I've always done.  Just outside the miracle was rising and peering in my very windows, and I was thoughtless to go about my way.

The day followed me as I packed lunches and kissed children good-bye.  It was just behind on my way to the grocery and again on my way home.  Still was its presence holding as the children piled into the house loaded down with books and papers and stories of their own day's followings.

 Soon the sun tired and drifted slow below the line of crowded trees leaving streaks of pinks and oranges in its falling.  It gathered but a glan…

Bent in the stillness

I remember tiptoeing past her so as not to disturb as she was bending over the chair, head buried.  Not that she would have heard me in the midst of her deep secret telling.  And I listened as her heart cried out the hidden parts that shook her down to where she was.  Down to her knees where she stayed for a time I could not imagine, and she wouldn't rise until it was all wrung out.  Her eyes and her heart leaving behind parts in that chair where she reached out to touch heaven on our behalf.

Time ticks by and I look back at myself, the mother of two children toddling around.  My prayers were quiet whispers of safety made in a comfortable bed because I didn't understand that danger was already lurking around the edges of their souls.  The time for kneeling in front of chairs was not now, and I had all this life before me.

But the thief of souls comes to seek and kill and destroy and it's when a son grows old enough to choose how he will live his life that the fear of battl…


There on the edge of the plane she looks out.  It is blue stretched wide over a miniature world.  She feels fear to the point of trembling and the cold air chills her deep set bones.  Moving closer to the edge she knows how hard it will be to jump.  She tells herself she can hold onto comfort if she stays in the plane.  The risk is far less.

It is calling her.  She hears her name echoing out above the noise of the engine.  It is ringing in her ears and her mind is this focus - obedience.  One solid leap and she is airborne.  There is no returning to that place of concealment.

Time is slowing as she free falls into nothingness.  She is wind whipped and scattered, but it is too soon to open the parachute.  She knows she must endure these moments.  She places full trust in the timing and she falls lower, lower.

She wonders again why she moved reckless into this place.  Silence is all her answer and it is screaming.

It is now that she must pull the cord, and it lifts her up.  She is no lo…

Laying down secret

Because God is good, I write to remember.

Because God gives grace, I write to give thanks

Because God is faithful to repair these broken parts of me, I write to share the story of his mercy.

The moon peaks through windows of the room casting shadows.  She is settled in for sleep, and her sister lays beside her.  When she closes her eyes she remembers all that remains unsettled.  How many nights, she wonders, has she prayed that God would forgive her?  How many nights would she remember the sickness of her secret, and lie awake beneath the coverings of shame?

Trees move against the wall, and little legs squirm beneath blankets.  She is overwhelmed by what she knows, and she tries to forget how she was held down, arms above her head.  Her stomach turns inside her as the familiar nausea returns.  She tries to forget how her eyes were opened to the disgust of sin.  She wants to escape her thoughts, and she wonders if she had been able to escape the Evil if she would be laying here right …

I am tree

I am tree
losing parts of me
My colored beauty falls
that Spirit wind - it shakes me wild
this is Breaking

I am dying
and I am finding
Death can only bring me life
Laying down - I offer freely
all is well Sacrificed

I am growing
towards great abandon
Reaching low where roots move deep
Come the spring - still I am standing
bearing Fruit