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The path we cannot see

It has been said that hindsight gives us 20/20 vision, but what are we to do when we are in the space of difficulty and blind to the path in front of us? What are we to do when we feel hopelessly trapped, and cannot find our way forward?

There are seasons and situations in our lives that threaten to overwhelm us. They last too long and hurt too deeply. They wear us down to the place of brokenness, and we loosen our grasp on the hope that anything will ever change, that anything can be redeemed.

And we forget.

We forget that God is working all things towards our good. We forget because when life doesn't feel good, it doesn't seem good. We forget that we only see the smallest part of the workings of an omnipotent God, and He has not lost control of any detail of our lives.

For centuries the enslaved Israelites were living under the cruelty of the Egyptians. Each hopeless moment passed as the one before. And then one ordinary day a hesitant leader shows up with his rugged staff and a…