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The many forms of "fine"

I've been asked a lot about how I'm doing lately.  It seems a simple question, but it trips me up every time.  I pause.  I falter.  I mix up words and try to gauge how much the person really wants to know.  It doesn't seem appropriate to go into the deep places my mind has been wandering when I stand in a passing conversation.  It doesn't seem a complete truth to say that I'm fine.

In many ways I am fine.  I look at my children as they head off to school in the morning, each finding their own way to normalcy again.  They are in the beginning stages of new friendships, and new experiences.  In some respects, I see how this move has changed them already.  They have embraced so much more than I thought they were capable of, and there is a strength I see emerging from each one of them.

And my husband is tackling the many challenges of living in Nicaragua with strength, resolve, and confidence.  He is finding his way too, one day at a time, learning, surrendering, and …