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My list is noted

It was on my birthday that I bought a bike with a gift card I had received as a present.  I haven't owned a bike for more than twenty years, and already I was imagining family bike rides on the pathways of beautiful parks.  I knew we would have to invest in a bike rack, so already I had placed that idea in the back of my head to find a good deal on one.

The following week brought the day when the door fell down and I stood there coming apart at the hinges.

Isaiah and Eliza were tossing a ball in our garage.  I was just above it, folding laundry in my room when I heard the lurch of twisting metal, the sick cries of a groaning machine.  It all ended with a crash, and a high pitched scream from Liza.  My heart was beating wild, far too close to my throat, and somehow my legs couldn't keep up with the speed of it all as I hurried down the steps.

I was sure when I opened the door leading into the garage that I would find one of my children crushed beneath the weight of something.  …