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This waiting

I was on my knees leaning into the shower stall, body curved over the large bowl that held dirty dishes and soap suds.  I was surrounded by glass plates and silverware that dripped quietly from their resting place.  For eleven weeks I have been washing dishes in this bathroom, waiting in patience for a kitchen sink to be installed in this new space we call home.  And save for a few fleeting moments of heavy sighs at the pile that replenishes itself daily, I have not found discontentment.

I know that this season is temporary, and that the end to these moments is just ahead.  God has blessed me with a perspective that has filled me with peace, because I know how he uses quiet moments to do a holy work.  And even in this waiting, I feel I am being changed.   Small reminders come to me as I lean over a stack of dishes.  I am seen, I am loved, I am called to be present this very day.  He is with me now, comforting me, encouraging me, reminding me of who holds my tomorrows.

I'm not in a…