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The God Surprise

When I first started writing this blog 4 1/2 years ago I was a very different person.  I was full of fear and insecurities, and wanting so much to know that God created me for a special purpose.  Very slowly, I believe, God opened my eyes and my heart to the joy and the struggle of telling true stories.  And it changed me.  Or more accurately, God changed me.

I began to feel a special connection to God through the writing of words.  We were in spiritual communion, and I could sense His nearness as I wrote.  For so many years, I never bothered with the practice, because although I enjoyed it, I did not feel it had purpose.

I'm learning now how it has saved me from a life of self-centeredness.  I'm still learning...

The dreamer in me began to imagine being invited to non-profit organization's mission trips for the purpose of blogging about the experience to raise awareness.  I couldn't fathom a greater use for words than to tell others of God's heart for the poor.