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Did you know?

The dream seemed to last all night.  She was gone from this world, and I was broken into a million pieces.  I tried to pick them up and place them back together.  Then I realized I was missing some of the best parts.

Did you know when you left
how this piece of me followed?
Ripped out of a space
Gaping empty and hollow

Did you feel it, this love
from a flesh that you share?
How it moves in great aching
but will be always was there

Do you hear it, this pounding
of heart beating pain?
How I wish yours would echo
calling once more my name.

There lived a little girl

There lived a little girl
Quite a lovely one, you see
With golden hair and bright blue eyes
That twinkled merrily

She loved to whisper stories
To her blankie late at night
And color vivid pictures
All in all a glorious sight

And this little girl was wonderful
Her mother told her so
But she wasn't always pleasant
(Though she preferred that no one know)

For in certain times she felt it
An uprising deep inside
That bubbled to the surface
Where it had no place to hide

Now that chipper little girl
With her spaced and winsome smile
Turned into an angry bee
Who did buzz a long, long while

She would raise her voice an octave
Stomp her feet and pull her hair
How she wished that she could settle
But her life just felt unfair

She would hear her mother calling
"Little one, let's settle down,
Use calm words to tell your story,
Trade a smile for that frown."

How that little girl was thankful!
For the patience in mom's voice
For she knew that she was loved
When she made an awfu…

The leaf

Then the season came
when a faithful leaf found beauty
After all those days of blending in
the color did shine
when it gave up its life

On ordinary Tuesdays

I drive carefully past the happy playing in our cul-de-sac and pull into the drive.  I give a quick wave to my three girls all gathered in the quiet street making merry faces with chalk.  I think nothing more of their playing.  I don't pause to linger over laughter.  It's an ordinary Tuesday.

Exactly two weeks ago was like any other plain day where families wake up and eat breakfast and head off to work and school.  Mornings full of half-hearted kisses goodbye, with no thought that the same thing could not be expected tomorrow.  It proceeded along, almost mundane in its presentation.

But later that afternoon I got a call from a friend.  She laid it all out in truth, how one family woke that morning to devastating loss.  I didn't want to hear it.  That perhaps my not knowing would make it less true.  My eyes blurred, my stomach groaned, my mind kept repeating, "Children aren't suppose to die."  The unimaginable is reality when it touches you.  You find your wo…