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Hope will rise

I’ve been in that place. That place where hope is dwindling. That place where dreams of change seem to lose all of the prayers I’ve blown into them, and they float empty to the ground. And I feel alone. Alone and empty holding onto my deflated heart with vague wonderings of where my miracle is. I have been there. I have been there with my brokenness. I have been there touching the pieces of my sorrow thinking that God could have stopped this ache, but he did not. And I’ve wondered if he sees me. I’ve wondered if he knows, if he might care how deeply I hurt. In grade school, I had to memorize scripture verses for a portion of my Bible class. Occasionally we would be allowed to pick the verse we wanted to commit to memory, and on one such occasion I cleverly chose the shortest verse in the Bible, “Jesus wept.” I never knew the context that surrounded that verse. I had always assumed it was written around the time that Jesus was going to be crucified, because who isn’t going t…