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It died today

That little voice that whispers Speaking songs inside my head I cannot shed a tear for it Even though it's dead I see it died today
Laying lifeless in my hand No rhythm to its breath Suppose that's how it goes When ideas meet their death You see, it died today
By chance would it survive Not nurtured by the soul Gone from where it grew It boasts this gaping hole Because it died today
Grieving? I can't say Feeling numb to all of this Buried in the deep With just a goodbye kiss I feel it died today

Our hands

I hold your hand inside my own
And trace the lines of blue Painted by the years of life In an artistic hue The grooves upon your face unite As lips turn up in smile It's beautiful, this time with you I settle for a while We talk of faded days now gone Bring life to them anew Joyful times abound between And sorrows retold too       Though spoken not with lips we own Our hearts whisper the truth Moments here to hold a hand Will always be too few


The fever's taken over now
Her milky cheek burns red
Glossy eyes in restless sleep
Beside me in my bed
Her breathing comes uneven still
It rattles in her chest
A cough escapes from deep within
I pull her to my breast
My fingers stroke her gentle curls
And sweep across her brow
Wishing I could take upon
The ill that holds her now


Lofty dreams floating about I smile at the faces All my great imaginings Are in the perfect places Dancing round just out of reach But near enough to see I hold back self to realize Content to let them be For tomorrow always greets me well What worry do I own? Someday they will be fully mine When I make them known Waiting for another time To pull them from the sky Day will rise and night will fall As life just passes by Certain there is always time  Someday to get them done Hoping that I never know  Someday just doesn't come
My "Someday" dreams. . .

For what it's worth