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Neither here nor there

I hesitate to write this.  I hesitate because I'm not sure it is relatable, and what good is a story that you cannot find yourself in.  I only know that this is part of our journey, a part that I may someday forget, and I don't want to.  Because it's important to remember the moments that change you.

This week marks a year since Tim travelled to Nicaragua with a small group of guys to plan a summer trip. When he returned, he knew with certainty that we were being called in some capacity to advocate for New Life.  I suppose I should have been scared, but I think relief was a better descriptor.  There was finally an answer to the unrelenting pull to that country.

To see where we are now in this process is nothing short of amazing.  It has been a year of unbelievable transition, and we still have a few months to go.  It seems a long time to be neither here nor there, but I am grateful for the time that we have had to adjust.  These series of small steps have brought me to the…