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Be still!

It was fairly early in the morning, my most productive time of the day, when a sheepish girl asked, "Mommy will you sit on the couch with me?"   I followed her into the living room and sat down.   I thought about what we were going to do on the couch, but after a few moments of silence, I realized it would be just sitting.  As I was sitting there trying not to get ancy, I thought about a hundred other things that were asking for my attention.  

I am, I believe, a horribly awesome multi-tasker.  I brush my teeth while doing laundry.  I clean the shower while I'm taking one (it just makes good sense.)  I accumulate the trash in my car to one central location at stop lights.  I scroll pinterest for ideas while I ride my stationary bike.  The list could go on, but the idea I'm trying to get across is this; I can't sit still, nor can my mind.  I would like to blame all of this on ADD to save face, but that wouldn't be the truth.  The truth is that I have a very d…

The fields growing

Many times in my life I have felt stagnant.  Stuck really, being the flawed and inadequate me.  Wreaking of the stench that wraps around me while unmoving towards anything that should matter in this world.  But a moving heart knows what matters.  It breaks away from the self consuming life and allows itself to be molded into serving.  Such a heart knows that it needs to be open to losing itself, to die outright so that the real living can begin. 

It seems such a slow process, this dying and living.  There are these multiple seeds planted by the Sower, nestling down into the soil of our hearts.  I suppose some grow more quickly than others, depending on where we take time to nurture.  And then there are those that scatter too far from the healthy soil, falling upon unyielding ground.

It is the Spirit that comes along with his plow, turning it up and over in his quiet, gentle way.  You would think that all of this heaving of dirt and stirring of hearts would make one cry in pain, but I…