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Humans for sale

It was mid summer when I first passed it.  I was lost in thoughts on my drive to work when the sign stopped me at the bottom of Straight Street.  There that banner hung unashamed of its message in the boldness of the daylight, "Hey Johns we've got your number."  The next week, to my surprise, it was still there and as I looked a bit closer I saw, "Humans not for sale."

Fall has settled in here.

The trees have turned their own glorious shades of crimson, and still the banner hangs.  The message has changed a few times over the past months, but always the idea remains.  This corner at the bottom of Straight Street is taking a stand for the used, abused, and neglected.

I think about all of the traffic that has passed through that way.  I wonder how many of them noticed the outright tragedy of a city corner.  I wonder how many were in some way a part of it.  It touches the edges of my ownSTORY, and I feel a familiar aching as I swallow memories.  Sometimes we must …

I wish that I was brave

"No one has greater love than the one who gives his life for his friends." John 15:13

I wish that I was brave.  It's such a noble trait, admirable.  I suppose it's not something that you can be sure you possess until you are tested.  It's a decision.  I have a sister who is brave, and I'm a part of  her story.

The setting was a warm summer night.  It was 1980 something; a time when kids left the house early in the day and came home just before dark.  There was no worry on the parents behalf that they wouldn't be safe, at least not in my home.

We were one of four houses on a cul-de-sac.  It was a place of great memories for me that included kick ball games, bike riding, tree climbing and fort building in the nearby woods.  It was a quiet neighborhood.  I believe Nancy was 9 that summer, and I was younger by 17 months.

We had spent the day riding bikes at a friend's house about a block away.  We arrived home just before dark, not realizin…