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I once was lost

I stepped off the plane and into the waiting arms of Familiarity.  She pulled me closer, and held me tight like an old friend.  I relaxed in her embrace as I heard her whisper, "I know who you are, and I've missed you."  It had been a long time since I felt known and accepted by my surroundings, and it felt good.  I wondered though if she could see the parts of me that went missing; broken off and left behind.  I've not had the clarity of mind to take inventory, but I feel the loss.

It has been six weeks since our return to the United States.  I was warned of reverse culture shock, but after the first few days of delightful air conditioning and easy access to my favorite foods, I believed a year away wasn't long enough to affect me.  But days passed, along with the initial surge of busyness, and I watched how the whole world could grow quiet enough for my heart to cry, "I'm completely lost."

The kindest of faces ask like they already know the reply,…