Little one now hides in fear
Hoping no one will find him here
With heavy footsteps falling near
Where is God's providence?

Captive to all your body craves
A life spent crashing on the waves
Belief that rest meets in the grave
Where is God's providence?

The empty womb no seed can sow
The ache inside no one can know
The eyes that blur from tears that flow
Where is God's providence?

The loss of love a lifetime sought
The bargaining is all for naught
Until the end that fight you fought
Where is God's providence?

I know not why this cross I bear
No measuring could make it fair
Down on my face to find a prayer
Rest in God's providence.


  1. Your writing always expresses such hope despite of the despair and questions we often have to deal with in everyday life's trials and tribulations. Another nicely written piece.


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