A year

In the April of our year
I cried out
and you caught my tears
in expectant arms
as you held onto me

That day the spring came
and my seed 
was planted
in your garden
where you watered it with joy

Strong it grew
in the warm summer sun
of your nurture
coaxing it from behind the hem
of your skirt

With my blue eyes
 holding onto you
and one small hand
 grasping tight
to your own regal bloom

Then in the bluster
trees gave up their hold
while you loosed your own
to let me soar
among the harvest

In moments you caught me
from the Fall
as the wind blew
too great 
for an immature plant

Somehow I settled
in my own cold ground
complete in the soil
of your making
finding myself inside the snow

Feeling well the harsh of winter
steadfast inside
my settled roots
in their assured strength
of being cared for

And in the patience of a certain spring
 my own expectant arms
did bend 
to plant a seed
in the garden of my joy 

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