When coffee makes you smile

As blessings shower down we can choose to hide under umbrellas or dance wild in the rain.

Knees bend to look down further.  My hand reaches behind more carefully shelved boxes of steaming java printed smartly on their front.  The crisp white mugs are married with butter heavy french toast and crunchy biscotti with their toasted almonds slivered through.  I fall empty in the search for the clearanced brew. I continue to stare at the delicious full priced rows of popular flavors.  Not even my 20% off coupon would put a dent in the black and white price, and I sigh heavy disappointment.

His birthday is tomorrow and I want to gift him the large variety pack.  His coffee maker has been resting quiet on the counter for weeks now.

I pick up the package and crunch numbers all again, knowing well that I would choose to leave with store bags vacant.  The child voices in the seats behind ask again why we are empty handed, and they are learning too.

In recent planning, we joined united to set different goals for our finances.  Goals that can't be reached by giving into every desire and pleasure that threaten to steal our attention and rob us of true desires.  Goals that require sacrifice and inconvenient choices.  

A week passes and the urge to purchase quick brewing coffee does too.  He finds me in the cereal aisle and holds it out to me. "Is this a good deal?"

I receive the gift; a large box of delicious smelling coffee with label screaming orange lettered CLEARANCE.  Ears perk and eyes go silly with delight.  The children, they ask me why I smile and I try to explain. 

Seeing it for what it really is, a blessing, and for all He really is, a good and generous God.  A God who bends low to search the bottom shelves of our desires and stands up with arms reaching full.  These God moments, I lay them out and count them priceless.

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