My daughter lovely

Did you know I had never desired to birth a girl child?

It was after the first one slept silent in that secret place that I knew it didn't matter.  When the heart aches loss and arms hang empty there's only desperate desire to hold onto the hand of any waking child.

You came into my world with a quiet cry, wet and vernix covered.  I had only breathed your name before you were placed on my chest and rubbed right pink.  You nuzzled your damp head right into me with your mouth stretched wide like a hungry little bird opening its beak for the worm.

I wrapped you tight and cradled you whole in thankful arms.  There was barely enough room for all the wonder you birthed in me.  I wanted to keep you there, close to that heart that pounded out your life song.

Under blankets of stars I sang into you rhythms of being all my sunshine, and in time I saw the light that you were created to shine.  That's when a mama begins to wonder how her little girl manages to swallow the sun in eight short years.  It's your quiet radiance that speaks for you each time you lay down your life for the joy of others.

I rub a fingertip past the collection of freckles stretched slow over cheeks and nose while you lay content in the crook of my arm.  I gaze into eyes that look more towards the needs of others than for themselves, and grasp tight to hands that have given the best of what they hold.  Your warmth moves right into me and I wonder if you can see how I am once again stretched full by your life.

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