Do you do it too?  Do you drop what you are doing to chase those amazing arcs stretched wide across sky?  Do you try to capture their vivid beauty through a lens or gather your children to witness the miracle?  I never tire of being part of the audience.  I could clap again and again for one more encore.

All six of us are in the van riding through a light drizzle.  Behind us falls the sun, before us looms grey clouds.  He sees it first, right out the left side of the driver's seat.  The muted hues of a rainbow calling all to see.

We stretch in our seats to get a better view.  Straining necks and excited eyes move all around to hold the beauty.  We soon come into the rain, and the colors disappear.  We travel further on to  our destination, and just before arriving the rain moves away.  Again, the sun breaks free and there in the sky is another rainbow.  This time its colors are vivid and bright.  It aches of wonder and mystery, and we can hardly wait to get outside to hold it.

I want to touch it, to reach right up into the sky and pull it close.  I am remembering the promise of the joy that comes after rain.

It was Noah who God pointed it out to.  This sign in the sky, his promise to never destroy all life in the flooding.  And God says it right there in Genesis, "Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind." 

I stand in awe under blue skies that promise more rain and a sun that brings hope and rainbows.  I cling to the colored sky, knowing that it is a reminder that God is remembering his promises to me.

And I know that I will live in rainy days, and I will feel like the sun is never going to warm my face again.  Even so, in the midst of the rain if I open eyes to the heavens, I will see that I'm remembered.

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