There on the edge of the plane she looks out.  It is blue stretched wide over a miniature world.  She feels fear to the point of trembling and the cold air chills her deep set bones.  Moving closer to the edge she knows how hard it will be to jump.  She tells herself she can hold onto comfort if she stays in the plane.  The risk is far less.

It is calling her.  She hears her name echoing out above the noise of the engine.  It is ringing in her ears and her mind is this focus - obedience.  One solid leap and she is airborne.  There is no returning to that place of concealment.

Time is slowing as she free falls into nothingness.  She is wind whipped and scattered, but it is too soon to open the parachute.  She knows she must endure these moments.  She places full trust in the timing and she falls lower, lower.

She wonders again why she moved reckless into this place.  Silence is all her answer and it is screaming.

It is now that she must pull the cord, and it lifts her up.  She is no longer falling, but gliding with purpose. She dangles below the safety, held by its strength.  She is somewhere between heaven and earth and she opens her eyes.

She knows now why she was called.  It was here beyond fear and falling that she could take it all in, the view she had been brought to.

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