The night still

The night so ordinary, still
The quiet sheep did have their fill
Beneath the stars the shepherds lay
The town of David not far away

When suddenly a glorious light
Broke through the dark, removed the night
The terrifying sight did see
By lowly shepherds on bended knee

And as the beings offered praise
As if they'd sung this all their days
The silent shepherds heard their song
As more did join to sing along

Glory to our God on high!
His son, just born, has come to die
Wrapped with cloth in manger lay
The prophesies of old did say

Beneath that mysterious star was found
A tiny one they gathered round
With awe and adoration speak
Of Savior that they all did seek

And remember we that Holy night
Imagining holds amazing sight
As we come to worship him
With heads bent low and lights so dim

And shall we sing the angel tune
A glorious song in brightest moon
To share with those in darkness now
Good news to hearts that will allow?

Glory to our God Most High
He sent his son that he should die
To save his people from their sin
Gifts love and peace and hope within

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