I know you've been busy. . .

I just wanted to take a bit of time to say thank you.  I saw the beauty of what you did the other day.  I laughed to myself when I imagined how you planned it all out.  How you picked one crisp January evening to remind us all who you are.

You, the God of Holy fire, set yourself up in the sky.  We, all lowly in our making, couldn't stop ourselves from seeing the greatness of you stretched right across the heavens.  The earth was burning the fiercest red, and we all shook our heads not believing that it was real.  We were witnesses to You coming down to set fire to the earth.

It wasn't so long ago that we asked for it, your coming near to set us all ablaze.  We wrote those names on the wall of a building in the middle of a mall, and we invited you to fill that space.  We know it's not traditional church, but we figured one who chooses the lowliness of stables wouldn't mind too much showing up in retail.

And we believe that you would go anywhere to search for us, to the ends of the earth or a space in the mall.  We are lost all over this dark world and you are out there searching for ones who need to see the light of you. Those names scrawled in pencil on the wall of our church were pleadings for your grace to find and rescue.

I wrote those names on the wall that you have written on my heart, and I keep praying that you will show yourself mighty.  You never disappoint, and I see how you've been wooing.  Great lover of souls, you are bringing them closer to your arms in that gentle way and I am the witness of miracles.  The Spirit's words you whisper are heard in their hearts and I can see how they are falling in love.

I stand outside beneath your glory, and I am just one soul of many who longs for the beauty of You in my life.  I humble bow before your greatness, and I ask that you set us all on fire that the world would know the one who sets the sun.

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