To my mother

My name was Daniel, though for many years I had no idea.  I remember reading the card Dad had given you before he took a trip to Israel.  It was his love on page written out for you, the children, and to me, Daniel.  At the time, I felt that I had discovered a secret scandal that perhaps you had given away one of my siblings.  I can hardly stop the teasing with you and Dad being so sure there was a boy growing that womb round.

And on that day in April when I had finally stretched you thin and there was no other way to go but out, you saw me for what I was.  Children have a way of changing your plans.

I wonder now, how long I was swaddled in that blue and red blanket with the little men in bicycles waiting for a name.  I wonder, did your cheeks burn red when Grandpa voiced his dissatisfaction and likened my new title to a horse?  I wonder if you cared what anyone thought at all when you stood firm.

You've done a lot of standing in your life.  Always dreaming for us, fighting for us, clapping for us, kneeling for us.  There were times when we would find ourselves in a mess while onlookers would shake their judgmental heads at our mistakes, but you never turned away.  You would just take yourself to that cream colored chair in the living room, and call out our names to the One who created us in the first place.  Sometimes you were there for a long time.  We could hear you throughout the house, and we would tip toe past to see who had done what this time.

I thank you for kneeling and naming.  I thank you for believing that God could change our hearts when we would change your plans.  I thank you for standing firm in your faith of God and firm in your faith in us.  You have made all the difference.

Much love,


Oh, and if you could possibly write some letters to see if cable would stop playing reruns of Gilligan's Island, that would be great.  Thanks Mom!


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