A prayer for change

I NEED YOU GOD.  So desperate am I for your renewing of my mind.  I am weary of sin.  I need to know that I have, in fact, moved closer to the likeness of you.  I want so much to honor you in word and deed.  I feel it deeply in these moments of intimacy when we are face to face.  When the breath of your Spirit is hovering.  If only every single moment would touch me as these do, I would never be the same.

CHANGE ME GOD.  Perhaps I am nothing of the one I was years ago, but I want to be nothing of what I am today.  All of these fruits fall rotten beneath me and I ask myself if I will ever grow anything worth eating at all.

I HAVE HOPE.  You have assured me of that; that change is possible and wonderful and good.  Set fire to this heart and bend it beneath your powerful hands.  Shape it into beautiful.  Find me breathless and amazed by your grace touching my life.

OPEN MY EYES Lord to those things of which I am ignorant.  Reveal as you do in that gentle way, always in love, always the patient one who delights in a vessel so treasured.  I do not deserve it, the beast that I am, but help me to accept it.  You know my great distress in the shadow of my unworthiness.  You know how I fall beneath the weight of my inadequacies.  Don't let me forget how you have made me wonderful.  If I can delight in the uniqueness of others, surely I can appreciate with a subtle intimacy, the joys of my own.

FATHER, BE WITH ME.  Instruct me, change me, love me, hold me, inspire me, answer me.  Give to me those gifts you find I am in need of, that I may offer them back to you in a life that is laid down in Your name.  I pray.



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