Saving me

I stood beside the road that day
In disbelief you passed my way
Not recognized behind the red
Pooling beneath your thorn crowned head
Their mercy lost upon you great
Striking you down in heavy hate
 You slowed, you stopped, you looked around
That's when my heart did hear the sound
It rumbled deep within my soul
And overtook my spirit whole
That moment when you saw me there
I felt the sin I could not bear
A stifled scream I could not cry
Not fair that you would surely die
There on the hill the cross now stood
Your hands, your feet now one with wood
And drawing strength within your breath
You took upon my rightful death
My face now buried in the ground
Feeling so lost and wanting found
The innocence of life now laid
The price of sin my Savior paid
A love so full, so great must be 
Amazing grace His gift to me


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