This waiting

I was on my knees leaning into the shower stall, body curved over the large bowl that held dirty dishes and soap suds.  I was surrounded by glass plates and silverware that dripped quietly from their resting place.  For eleven weeks I have been washing dishes in this bathroom, waiting in patience for a kitchen sink to be installed in this new space we call home.  And save for a few fleeting moments of heavy sighs at the pile that replenishes itself daily, I have not found discontentment.

I know that this season is temporary, and that the end to these moments is just ahead.  God has blessed me with a perspective that has filled me with peace, because I know how he uses quiet moments to do a holy work.  And even in this waiting, I feel I am being changed.   Small reminders come to me as I lean over a stack of dishes.  I am seen, I am loved, I am called to be present this very day.  He is with me now, comforting me, encouraging me, reminding me of who holds my tomorrows.

I'm not in a hurry for this time to be over, nor am I anxious for what lies in an unknown future.  I am mostly feeling grateful for where my life is, and for where I believe it will be going. I pray that I will always delight in the beauty of the present while not losing sight of the hope that is to come.

God, I pray that you would turn my heart on earth to only that which matters in heaven.  Let me not forget that my life is temporary, my days are numbered, and there simply isn't time to waste on things that pale in light of eternity.  Show me how to use the gift of this one and only life to follow hard after you.  Teach me how to love others with depth and sincerity.   This can only come from you.  Give me ears to hear the truth, and lips powered with strength and courage to speak it.  Share with me your wisdom and discernment, so that I would honor you with what I should say and with what is best left unsaid.  May your peace rest upon me, and may I be privileged to see the beauty of what is gained when I lay down my life for you.



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