Fabric surnrise

I headed out of the house while the sky was still a muted gray.  There was a cool nip in the air, but it quickly disappeared as I picked up the pace.  I decided to conquer my first two miles within the neighborhood before I headed out on the main road.  I was waiting on the sun to catch up with me.

It was quiet.  So quiet that a solitary chirp could be held and analyzed.  Peacefully I pounded out step after step, enjoying the solitude of the run.  My breath began its familiar rhythm, moving in and out.  I couldn't see it.  The weather was too warm.

As I was coming up to my second mile, I began to notice the gradual changes in the sky.  Subtle but existent, the shadowed morning began to evolve.  As the colors awoke with the lifting sun, I witnessed the birth of a new day.

I stopped mid run to take this picture.

I watch you change the fabric
Fabric dark and silent lays
Lays across as sleeping canvas
Canvas waking with your rays

Up above me shadows moving
Moving slowly from my view
View is turning into grayness
Grayness turning into blue

Revealing light begins to dye it
It now boasts of pastel hues
Hues that deepen with the moments
Moments timing nature's cues

Then I feel you full and brilliant
Brilliant shines the breaking day
Day of sunlight now awakened
Awakened by your glowing way

Wrapped within your changing fabric
Fabric bright with beauty sewn
Sewn new colors displayed brightly
Brightly canvassed new day known

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