A safe place to land

He unfurled it like a banner, a declaration of his soul right there on the wrist.  The bracelet wore the etching of scripture, an extension of his inner life living open.   I recognized it for what it was, or at least what it suggested to me, an opportunity to be treated with the love of Christ.

I smiled inside and mentioned his witness.  "I'm glad to see your bracelet, because I need someone with a lot of patience."

That's when I laid exactly four gift cards, one coupon, and two paper store credits on the counter.  He handled the difficult transaction with ease, and managed to restrain the eye rolling and heavy sighs.  I wasn't disappointed.

I left the store thinking about him, and two weeks later I am still remembering.

It is something I am acutely aware of, how my own actions are a reflection of the order of my heart.  It seems the louder we live the more eyes and ears we will have watching and listening.  That is something that scares me to weakness because I know how flawed and ugly I can be, and what if I am the only example someone sees of Jesus?  We are called to let our light shine before men to bring honor to our Father, and sometimes it's less risky to hide under a bush.

God help me!

Growing up as the daughter of a preacher, I got a front pew seat to the showing of expectations.  Many looked to my Dad, a man appointed by God, to live a life without mistakes.  In truth, he didn't always get it right.  His humanness stumbled and fell short of perfection and expectations, but his intentions and his heart were pure gold.

In the living of life I have learned this - we will never outgrow our need for grace, both to give and  receive.  No one will ever reach that point of spiritual maturity where grace is no longer needed.  It is our safety net.  God knows we are all going to fall, and he is waiting to catch us. 

I am desperate for this favor undeserved, and the more I see need for it in my own life, the more I desire to extend that gift others.  It hurts to fall.  It is painful to fail, but the pressure's off when grace is there to rescue. 


  1. Good writing, Ginger and I love the ending. Maybe the lyrics to a song? Grace is one of the most amazing gifts!


  2. You are an amazing writer and a child of God. Keep up the good work!


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