A letter to my own

I loved when first your face I saw
Before I breathed your name
And joy, sweet joy did fill my soul
Into my life you came

Blessings fell and landed sweet
Like snowflakes on my face
And melted warm they trickled down
Into my sacred place

There I held your loveliness
In arms of greatest awe,
Each moment that surrounded me
I could not feel it all

With love so great yet still so small
Next to the Artist's plans
Who slowly knit the greatest you
With skilled all-knowing hands

You are you by said design
A tree now growing tall
Embrace just what Creator made
And offer it to all

Overwhelmed by each of mine
My thoughts cannot be still
How marvelous this vision stands
As it waits to be fulfilled

I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.
Psamlm 139:14


  1. Ginger, that is beautiful!

    There's nothing like watching our babies grow into the big people God intended them to be...it's truly a privilege to be a mom, isn't it?

  2. The blog is looking great Ginger. Keep it flowing. Have you been going through that book?

    1. Thanks, Hunter. I appreciate the feedback. I'm enjoying the book - surprised to find that it was meant to be used for more than reading, but I'm working my way through and learning some things about myself. I'm hoping I don't lose motivation, because I am only accountable to myself and I'm pretty good at rationalizing why I should or shouldn't do something.

  3. Beautiful writing, Ginger. Each of "your own" are special blessings!


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