"Here I am."  I say before you
Naked as my soul I bare
All I have is what I offer
Packed in boxes at which you stare

This one marked as "Thoughts/Ideas"
That one "Feelings," "Emotions" too
"Looks" and "Talent" by "A Quiet Spirit"
Will they be enough for you?

I watch you open all my treasures
Holding each one in your hands
Examining the valued items
"Is there not more?" you demand.

I slowly shake my head with sadness
I have shown you all I own
I carefully place them back inside me,
And hurry on to be alone.

I traveled to the Great Box Gifter
And begged, "Please change what I'm to be!"
He wiped my tears and whispered softly
"I made these perfectly for me."

From me he took each box now opened
And smiled at everything he made
"It's wonderful!" he announced, I watched him closely
"Worth every penny I have paid."

Then held He me in arms of comfort
 At peace with all that was to be
Treasured by the Great Box Gifter
Who loved all things that made up me

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