Why we were created

I place the bits of plastic into each ear and hit start.  A machine rises from sleep and begins its circling as I run in place.  The music moves through wiring and straight into me, and a dry and tired soul drinks it all.

The dark of the basement falls away, and I feel light in words.  A mind turns them over again and again as they play their praise.  I lose sight of myself and what I feel now is all joy and thankfulness.

I steal a brief glance around the room to see my children busy with their playing, and I fall right back into pace, into place.  This time of forgetting all of me and breathing in all of Him fulfills the purpose of my life, of all our lives.

Eyes want to turn from what is right around me, and focus on the One who is inside me, and although my body moves I am still in my knowing.  Lips move silent with the words as I sing full my desire.

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